Facebook Goldmine

Pay Per Click on Facebook? What will think of next? Facebook is growing faster than Google. Can you believe that? But it’s still new, so the costs per click are much lower than Google. There is high quality traffic on Facebook and the rules are way less rigid and easier to place ads that stick. Some Facebook advertising rules:1. Must be engaging, but not slick.
2. Can’t be shocking or offensive.
3. Image is a must. Place a smiling picture of yourself or business opportunity.
4. Place valuable words in advertising and tag your image as well.
5. Keep your CTR to 2% or higher. Don’t set your Ad and forget about it. Check it everyday and tweak it to improve your results.Some advertising No-Nos on Facebook:1. Use upper and lower case letters.
2. Make sure there are no spelling errors and don’t use slang.
3. No incomplete thoughts. Be precise is your message.
4. Don’t use irrelevant images. Make sure the image goes with your Ad.
5. Nothing can be offensive. Don’t slander other businesses or people’s ability or financial status.
6. Don’t use abbreviations or symbols.Bidding & Budgeting on Facebook:1. Facebook is not like Google.
2. Starting at $50 or less per day will not deter your exposure. Facebook will deliver (no need to inflate daily budgets).
3. Set your campaign to be cost per click, not cost per impression.
4. Bid half of the recommended amount cost on your keywords for a couple of days. If your keyword is converting, raise your bid to the recommended cost or slightly higher to dominate your keyword.Golden Rules in Facebook Advertising:1. Always give value. This cannot be stressed enough.
2. Your landing page must have value given video or content and relate to your Ad.
3. Don’t send your prospects to your actual business landing page. Remember that you are advertising on a social media site. Build that relationship and connection.
4. After reviewing your Ad, each user will have the opportunity to vote on your advertisement. Keep it relate as users can vote your Ad as valuable or spam. If there are votes for spam, your Ad will stop running.Now it’s time to take Action and place your Advertisement of Facebook. Go to the bottom of your Facebook site. There is a link labeled “advertising”. Click on this to begin your adventure in Facebook advertising.You can target your niche very easily here. There are numerous categories that your can select to make sure your qualified prospects see your Ad on their Facebook page. Don’t forget to set your budget as well.Once you have finished setting up your Ad, click to set your campaign and it’s live! Remember to watch your campaign, costs per click and CTR on a daily basis. May all your click be converting ones!